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Had a dream journal when I was younger. I'd get on dreammoods.com and try to interpret what they mean. But sometimes they didn't give me the answers I needed, so any comments to help would be appreciated!

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  Last night I had a dream that I was going to travel to NC to see this guy I know. I invited 2 of my friends to come with, and my dad was to drive us there at EXACTLY 5:15 am. When I went to pick up my friend Jordan, I went into the forest. When he came out of his house, he kind of looked like Arthur from the childrens' books and TV show, Arthur. You know, the aardvark? Anyway, the two of us walked over to my other friend Elise's house. When she came out, she was dressed as a business woman, and made me change into the same type of clothes as her. (I will say on a side note that the shoes I picked out were AMAZING). So my dad picks us up, and within minutes we're in NC.

  When we got to the condo we were staying at, we found out veeeerry quickly that we weren't alone. An ecclectic group of my friends and aquaintences were all there waiting on us to go to the beach. Most left without me, and I was left to change into my bikini. When I did, however, I saw that my stomach and back were red and sunburned. So I changed out of it and went to meet up with the guy I was supposed to be there for. (In real life, I'm 18 and he's 23. He also lives in SC, not NC. I know another guy from NC whom I'm closer to, but he wasn't mentioned.)

  While I was waiting for him to come to the condo, I got a call. It was the guy, who said he decided against coming to see me because he felt like his body wasn't what itn used to be. This dude is 23 and has a 6 pack in real life! Then it started to rain and all my friends ran inside without remembering to bring their beach stuff in, like beach balls and radios....and sewing machines.

  Anyone know what any of this could mean?


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